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Biotrix Project - Pig Farm & Cheese Factory

This family owned agribusiness produces meat, cheese and dairy products from its own cattle herd and pig farm. A team from Biotrix Asia Company Ltd was commissioned to review waste treatment options and to evaluate existing and potential benefits of the anaerobic digestion system on site.

Waste Audit and Options Evaluation

Parameters studied included capital and operating cost, site waste inventory, biogas use, and by-product recovery. System modifications were reviewed which would ensure continued and optimised operation. A reivew of odour problems in the vicinity was also carried out.

A report was submitted to the client which proposed a number of waste treatment options for the agro-industrial activities on site. This included an economic review of the implications of these improvements and a detailed estimate of the capital costs for each option. As a result of this study the company rationalised its commercial activities, ceasing pig production and decommissioning its effluent treatment plant.

850m3 Agricultural Digestion Plant

850m3 Agricultural Digestion Plant
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