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Biotrix Project - Small Scale Sewage Treatment Works

Staff from Biotrix Asia Company Ltd formed a team with Bioflow Limited to refurbish a sewage treatment plant at a Public School, which had repeatedly failed its discharge consent to a local stream. The existing plant was undersized, and suffered inadequate primary treatment. Solids carried over to the secondary stage resulting in an overloaded biological filter and poor effluent quality.

Refurbishment of a Sewage Treatment Works at a Public School

The existing sewage treatment system was redesigned and a novel primary settlement tank was designed and installed which incorporated a novel, floating, decant facility which optimised solids solubilisation. The existing biological filter situated at a remote part of the site, was also refurbished and increased in diameter. As a result, the plant was effectively upgraded to a population equivalent of 200.

After completion of the refurbishment programme, the plant was monitored during its commissioning stage, and found to be well within consent limits. The plant has maintained compliance since completion.

Novel Primary Settlement Tank

Novel Primary Settlement Tank
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