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Biotrix Project - Pilot Scale High Solids Digester

A team of Biotrix Asia Company Ltd specialists, provided design, project management and commissioning services as part of a team to develop a high solids anaerobic digestion plant to treat a mixture of yeast waste, abattoir offal and sewage sludge.

Treatment of Animal Waste, Sewage Sludge and Pharmaceutical Sludge

The client, a County Council in Ireland, required demonstration of a successful process able to treat a mixture of local wastes including sewage sludge from a local sewage treatment works, abattoir waste (stomachs and greens) and spent yeast sludge prior to land application.

A successful 20m3 pilot scale system was designed, delivered to site from the UK, installed and operated by Biotrix Asia Company Ltd personnel. It was important to demonstrate the energy production potential of such a system and biogas was used to power a domestic central heating boiler which was cooled by heat exchanger and fan.

Pilot Scale High Solids Digester

Pilot Scale High Solids Digester
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