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Hotel Sewage Treatment Plant

The Bird in Hand is a residential country hotel and restaurant managed by Heavitree Inns Limited, a part of the Hall & Woodhouse Brewery. Staff from Biotrix Asia Company Ltd evaluated the performance of the sewage treatment plant on site.

Evaluation of a Sewage Treatment Plant at a Hotel Complex

The plant comprised a Bioclere system installed by a local group of drainage engineers in 1989 who were subsequently responsible for its maintenance and de-sludging. The plant discharged via a soakaway and repeatedly failed its discharge consent. The Biotrix Asia Company Ltd team proposed a waste audit of the effluent streams before and after treatment to assess the effectiveness of the Bioclere system.

The study showed that poor de-sludging, inadequate solids separation and grease removal had all contributed to compliance failure. The UK agents for the Bioclere plant were contacted to arrange a maintenance visit and system check which highlighted a number of additional system failures. These were rectified under Biotrix Asia Company Ltd’s project management, and the plant achieved compliance within two months.

Hotel - Site of Sewage Treatment System

Hotel - Site of Sewage Treatment System
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