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Biotrix Project - Chemical Effluent Treatment

This chemical company, a subsidiary of British Tar Products PLC, manufactures a range of specialised anti-microbial agents, anti-oxidants and photo/reprographic chemicals. All effluent streams are collected in a central storage facility and removed from site by tanker for treatment at a local sewage treatment works owned by Welsh Water. Concerned with increasing trade effluent charges,the company commissioned Biotrix Asia Company Ltd staff to provide preliminary evaluation of feasible treatment alternatives as part of Biotrix Asia Company Ltd Waste Audit approach.

Waste Audit, Option Evaluation and Lab Studies of Effluent Treatment processes

The Waste Audit highlighted potential for waste minimisation and possible treatment alternatives, depending on the biodegradability of the effluent. Biotrix Asia Company Ltd was further commissioned to undertake a laboratory biodegradability study to assess the feasibility of treating different effluent streams by aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems. A novel anaerobic biofilm reactor was also evaluated which was capable of effectively treating high concentrations of biocide in the effluent. The treatability study provided recommendations for the optimum onsite treatment options.

Site Waste Audit and Water Balance

Site Waste Audit and Water Balance
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